Raju Rishi

General Partner

 Raju is a General Partner at RRE. He invests in passionate and tenacious entrepreneurs who are building category-defining businesses.

Raju invests in passionate and tenacious entrepreneurs that are building category-defining businesses. He has a bias for companies with deeper technology stacks, but always prioritizes exceptional teams over exceptional technology. His current areas of focus include Enterprise Technology, Healthcare IT, and AI. Raju looks for startups that are disrupting massive markets by solving complex and meaningful problems. 


Before joining RRE Ventures, Raju was a Venture Partner at Sigma Prime Ventures in Boston. Most of his career, however, was spent as an entrepreneur and operator. He was the founder of several startups in the mobile and enterprise software sectors. Prior to that, Raju held executive roles at AT&T and Lucent. Due in part to his operating background, Raju likes to be involved with his companies, and wants to be the first call for an entrepreneur when things are going well or not so well. 


Raju is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Materials Science and Engineering.  Raju is a lifelong hacker & very few electronic products in his home remain unaltered.  Outside of the office, Raju can be found sipping a fine whiskey or tequila and spending time with his wife, four kids, and German Shepherd.

fun fact

Close inspection during zoom calls with Raju may result in the discovery of his eclectic whiskey & tequila collection.

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