The US healthcare industry has grown from 5% of US GDP in 1960 to nearly 20% in 2020 (reaching >$4T for the first time) with no signs of abating.


It's tough to point to any single aspect of the US healthcare system that isn't obviously flawed, broken, expensive, or slow despite the best intentions of all major constituents involved. While these problems have been apparent for some time, they are reaching a tipping point and require urgent solutions that are unlikely to come from within—but rather from new, tech-enabled entrants who are creating the discontinuous change the industry desperately needs. Areas we are particularly interested in are: new care delivery models, greater access to care, higher leverage care models, revenue cycle management, payment plans, value-based care incentives, healthcare benefits, payment integrity, data interoperability, data usability, physician experience and burnout prevention, patient privacy, patient care planning, and many more.

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