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when people line up around the block on launch day.

Gina Bartasi,
Founder at Kindbody

when you shut down your successful business to chase something bigger.

Emmett Shine & Nick Ling,
Co-founders at Pattern

when you see your product in the wild for the first time.

Luke Schoenfelder,
Founder at Latch

when your team goes from 2 to 100.

Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin,
Co-founders at The Skimm

when you're at the bottom of the startup rollercoaster, again.

Alex Chung,
Co-founder at GIPHY

when your company goes public on the NYSE.

Sean Black,
Founder at Knock

when you sell your company and can’t wait to start building again.

Jonah Peretti,
Founder at Buzzfeed

We Know that entrepreneurship takes Grit.

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