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Jim is a co-founder and partner at RRE Ventures, and a longtime advocate for the technology community in New York City and beyond.  

In the last thirty years Jim has invested in over sixty companies, and served on the boards of more than forty.  His core investment focus is on businesses transforming industries by leveraging network effects, intelligence, and decentralization—including early bets on new technologies in mobile payments and blockchains. His involvement has been instrumental in the development of NYC as a technology hub, and numerous innovations in various industries.

Jim is  a Co-Founder and a Director of Abra, and a Director of Camp, HYPR, Netsertive, Noom, OLO, Securrency and TheSkimm. Jim is a Board Observer at Bitpay and the Digital Currency Group (DCG). In addition, he led early investments in 21e6, Bitnomial, itBit/Paxos, NihaoPay and Ripple. Jim has been recognized on the Forbes Midas List as one of the top one hundred venture capitalists, as well as by Institutional Investors' list of Top Fintech Investors.

Before starting RRE, Jim and Stuart Ellman helped co-found an in-stadium touchscreen ordering startup that proved to be about a decade too early. Previously, he worked at H&Q Venture Capital, JP Morgan & Co., and founded IV Systems.

Aside from his RRE responsibilities, Jim serves on the boards of the Empire State Realty Trust, the Partnership Fund for New York City, and the HBS Alumni Angels of NY. He is an early supporter and Senior Advisor to the Chamber of Digital Commerce.  

Jim holds an MBA from Harvard and a combined degree in Computer Science and Business Administration from Antioch College.  He’s a father of four, an inventor, and a dog person.

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