Tinybop is a studio building a series of iOS apps about the universal questions kids wonder about: what they’re made of, and how and why things work. Our apps are digital toys that model the real world, designed to delight and educate kids around the globe. Each app springs from the idea that kids are born explorers who learn better by trying things out for themselves. We design our apps to encourage open play with physics-based animations, sophisticated sound design, and artificial intelligence. It’s a balancing act: we want to offer enough structure so kids suss out each app’s internal logic, but we also want kids to experience the joys of stumbling onto secrets, making connections, and figuring how they work on their own. All Tinybop apps are parent- and kid-tested, and we also partner with teachers to see how our apps work in schools. Our first series is the Explorer’s Library. It includes The Human Body, a working model in which the heart beats, guts gurgle, and eyes see, and Plants, an interactive diorama of the earth’s biomes. Tinybop was founded in 2012 by Raul Gutierrez. Our growing team comes from many disciplines, but we draw our inspiration from the books, toys, and games of our own childhoods.

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