Asset digitization seems murky and ill-defined to most today. In 5 years, it will be obvious to all. Digital value transfer, along with the ability to atomize and fractionalize all asset categories (and ownership in general) from buildings and bridges to stocks, bonds, loyalty points, and ultimately money itself, is here to stay. This sea change is moving slowly now but we believe will explode in similar fashion to the derivatives world circa the 1980s. Regulatory authorities globally will struggle to keep up, issues will arise, but value will transfer with less friction, cost and time, and more completely than many think. Nothing is immune, just as no major industry has been immune to the internets of information and entertainment. Those that have the heft to forestall progress (governments, some incumbents) will do so for short periods of time. Stopping it is out of the question. They won't want to anyway; already some are realizing the many benefits derived from programmable, strippable economic system.


estimated value of the global blockchain market by 2024.


of investments that millennials hold in cryptocurrencies.


of major North American and European banks exploring blockchain solutions.

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