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James D. Robinson

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Jim Robinson is a Founder and Managing Partner at RRE Ventures. He has been active within the technology community for 30 years as an investor, entrepreneur, banker, and futurist.

Since becoming a venture capitalist in 1992, Jim has led investments in and served on the boards of more than forty companies. His current focus is on businesses that leverage network effects or crowd-intelligence, particularly within the financial services, products and applications markets.

Jim is a Director of Netsertive, Noom, OLO.com, OpenPeak and Quirky and <Stealth>, and a board observer at Bitpay. He is a co-founder of Abra, and also advises several seed companies, including Admittedly, Culinary Agents, itBit, TheSkimm, and Mirror. Jim has been recognized on the Forbes Midas List of Top 100 VC's.

Jim was previously with H&Q Venture Capital in San Francisco, primarily as a software and communications investor. In 1994, along with Stuart Ellman, he co-founded InterVideo Response, building in-stadium touchscreen ordering systems. Before that Jim was with JP Morgan, initially developing global risk-management systems, and later as an investment banker. Jim earned an MBA from Harvard in 1992.

While earning a double degree in Computer Science and Business Administration at Antioch College during the early 1980's, Jim worked as an engineering intern in the solar power division at General Electric; as a programmer for Illinois state government; and later as an analyst for the 1984 Reagan-Bush Campaign in Washington, DC. During his third year in college he founded IV Systems, a builder of unix-based applications on Fortune Systems workstations. He's also a former NYC nightshift taxi driver.

Jim is a Director of the Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT), the New York City Partnership Investment Fund, the HBS Alumni Angels VC Advisory Board, and the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership. He has been in YPO since 1998. Jim is also an inventor, father of four, CERT first-responder, and a dog person.

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