Alice Lloyd George



@braintree <-> @coinbase news seemingly not moving bitcoin markets - are traders pricing industry announcements in more than they used to?


Alice Lloyd George


Alice Lloyd George focuses on early stage investments around the blockchain and cryptographic technologies, robotics and AI, and consumer internet.

Prior to joining RRE Alice spent time at Signia Venture Partners and Bridgewater Associates. Previously she lived in Beijing and conducted investigative research as a Brookings Institute fellow. She began her career at The Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong, where she covered business and politics in Malaysia, India, Australia, Burma and China. 
Alice graduated from Princeton with a BA from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and a minor in East Asian Studies. She sits on the board of LGAF, a charitable foundation supporting child-focused projects in Asia. Alice originally hails from London and is an enthusiast on all things related to art, creative education, and futurology. She enjoys backpacking, particularly in far-flung places. You can find her on Twitter at @amlg23