Tendril takes to streets to find new workers, with CEO expecting to add about 100 next year

The Republic Oct 01, 2011 Back to press

BOULDER, Colo. — The smart-grid technology company Tendril Inc. is adding workers.

The company based in Boulder sells software to utilities so they can help customers manage their electricity use, as more people use solar panels or drive cars that use electricity.

CEO Adrian Tuck says Tendril has about 170 full-time employees after a recent hiring surge. He estimates Tendril will add 100 more people in 2012.

Tendril has added employees this year for various positions, but most hirings were for software engineers and technical folks to help customers roll out software.

Tuck says competition to hire people in those fields has been tight. Tendril is running ads on buses, public radio and elsewhere to try to draw applicants. One ad has the slogan, "Looking for Honey Badgers."

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