Online Dating Apps: Managing Your Love Life with an iPhone or Android

Adinews Aug 17, 2011 Back to press

What does your smartphone do for you? They can serve as a calendar, alarm clock, camera, video camera, Internet connection and Facebook updater. You can talk and you can Tweet. You can also use it for dating.

One app allows you to pick your dates based on what they like to do for fun. The iPhone’s HowAboutWe app lets you complete the sentence, “How about we…” If you would complete that phrase with “…go out for ice cream,” someone nearby who is interested in doing that would send you a message. If someone posts something you’d like to do, you just send them a message.

An app that is available for both Apple and Android devices is Bizzy. What you do is visit a new place in town and give it a rating. But it does much more than that. It also asks you for your favorite spots, like where you can get the best pizza, where is the best hair salon, and who has the best live music. From your answers, the app then recommend places you might like.

PinPointsX, an app for hooking up, gives you information – ages, names, weight and height – of members who live nearby who are also looking for a hook up. You can create a provocative bio, along with a picture. You contact the other person by sending a message or by calling. The app allows you to search for a variety of people, from men and women to couples. It also aids in finding nearby hotels and bars for meetings. The app is available for both Android and Apple phones.

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