Lady Gaga Tops Popdust 40, Talks Art And Artifice

VH1 Aug 10, 2011 Back to press

This morning saw the launch of the Popdust 40, the pop site’s “exhaustive pseudo-scientific survey” of today’s pop landscape, which ranks artists in eleven categories: Nowness (worth up to 20 points); Drama (15 points); Résumé, Third-Best Song, Music Videos, Hotness (all 10 points each); Live Show, Non-Musical Ventures, Fashion/Hair, Who They’ve Dated, and Fan Craziness (all 5 points each). (The maximum possible score of 100 was based on Thriller-era Michael Jackson.) The full list (with scores) is here, but Rolling Stone Queen of Pop Lady Gaga ranked highest, with 93 points. (It’s all about the points.) Gaga outscored her nearest competitor, Justin Bieber, by five points. His 88 puts him ahead of Kanye West (87) and Taylor Swift (86), with Katy Perry (85) rounding out the top 5.

When Popdust caught up with Gaga during her press push for “Yoü and I” to congratulate her, she was probably all too happy to talk about her theories of pop music instead of reiterating the particulars of her new single. Key tidbits: she refers to “underground dance music” as “the voice of my generation” and claims Amy Winehouse “was the only contemporary artist I looked up to.” She also gleefully takes the bait of a leading question to reaffirm something we and Popdust agree on: art and artifice are not some sort of Cartesian duality, as purveyors of “authenticity” would have it. Or, in Gaga’s terms, “Show business has always been about the act.”

Lady Gaga: The Popdust Interview [Popdust]

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