Get Intimate With SideTour, Launching Soon in Philadelphia

Zagat Mar 08, 2013 Back to press
By Danya Henninger

Have you ever wanted to try something new? Like, actually new, something that hasn’t been blogged about or overhyped or done by 200 of your online friends already? SideTour can help. The NYC-based company is launching soon in Philadelphia, and Caroline Russock of the Philadelphia City Paper had a chance to preview two food-and-drink-related SideTour “experiences” last week. Check out her recap of a tiki class and private pork dinner here.

Current SideTours in New York range from learning how to brew your own beer to learning vegan Korean cooking to things that aren’t food focused at all - one tour in Washington, DC last fall was titled “Go Undercover With a Former CIA Disguise Technician.” At around $50 each, these can make for some interesting outings.

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