'Dropbox for enterprise' startup Copiun closes $5M round

Boston Business Journal Apr 17, 2012 Back to press

Marlborough-based Copiun, which aims to serve as an "enterprise-grade Dropbox," said Tuesday it's closed a $5 million Series A round led by a Maryland VC firm.

In November, Copiun CEO and co-founder Puneesh Chaudhry told me that many of his company's users are fans of Dropbox — but not the associated security issues.

"They are saying, can you make my corporate data accessible on these devices, in a secure way," he said.

The services allows company employees to use their own personal devices to securely access their company's data, Chaudhry said.

"You could be sitting in a Starbucks and not connected to the corporate network, and whatever data your company has authorized to be accessible on a device, you can access it, edit it and sync it back. And it only goes to the corporate repository," he said.

Founded in 2008, the company previously raised $1.86 million in 2010 from backers including three Boston area angel investing groups — Hub Angels, Launchpad Venture Group and Beacon Angels.

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