Trumaker & Co. - Bespoke for the rest of us

Jun 18, 2013 Back to blog

Trumaker & Co. is the latest seed investment in the RRE portfolio.

Men's fashion has always been about fit - and for a long time, this meant that if you had a body shape that didn't exactly match manufacturers' off-the-rack sizes, you had two options: put up with awkwardly fitting clothes, or shell out some serious money for bespoke threads.

In recent years, the emergence of web-based logistics and operations software and payments processors, combined with the ever-rising bar for web design quality driven by online-first brands (such as Bonobos), has led to the creation of many online made-to-fit clothing companies. Many of these companies put up a nice looking website, and simply arbitrage excess overseas factory capacity. However, many of these companies also failed in the last mile with two challenges: first, the catalog of fabrics, collars, buttons, cuts, etc. resulted in consumer fatigue for many potential customers; second, although these companies could make any one-off sized shirt you desired, most people don't know how to (or, worse for a consumer company, are too lazy to) provide the tailor-style measuresements that made-to-order clothing requires.

Enter Mark Lovas and Trumaker. Trumaker takes advantage of many of the same technologies and supply chains that other companies have, but Mark's product insight gives Trumaker a unique advantage: Trumaker orders come with an in-person measurement from a professionally trained outfitter wherever is convienent - work, home, whatever. Outfitters themselves are local clothing experts that can sign up to be a part of the Trumaker network. For service providers, time is the only inventory; in the same way that Uber's software taps into the enormous value locked away in idle livery vehicles, Trumaker is using its technology to tap into the excess capacity of outfitters around the US. These outfitters skills would otherwise be wasted as they sat around waiting for customers individually. Simultaneously, Trukmaker solves the last mile problem that has plagued other made-to-order companies.

As New York investors, we are pleased to work with Mark at the intersection of technology and fashion, and expect great things from the Trumaker & Co. team.